Don't Lose Your Fight, Kid

Don't Lose Your Fight, Kid

don't lose your fight, kid

Hi lovelies, how you doing today? Hope everything is going good!

Today I wanted to talk about something that I feel we should all need to be reminded off aroung this time, and that's about not giving up, about holding the fight and standing strong. If you don't understand my somewhat butchered hand-lettering much, the above is a quote from one of my favorite songs of all time low that reads don't lose your fight, kid.

Because we all start January like "hell yeah, I'm gonna get hot this year. I'm going to hit the gym everyday and eat like a rabbit everyday and this and that..." and you're all fired up and then you have yet to meet up with your trainer whom you're still paying regardless of not showing up to the gym. Or your resolution might be to quit smoking and you were doing great, but then you boyfriend dumped you and your head hurts like hell every waking hour until you finally give in and light up that damn cigarette - and it feels so good, as good as eating a burger with double bacon.

Point is, it is as important to fail and get back up, than to simply do it all perfectly from the get go, because then you get to appreciate the extra hard work and struggle, you know? I made a point to myself to not make any diet/fitness related resolutions this year, because I wanted to focus on my personal and mental wellbeing first and foremost - because priorities exist y'know?

For me, I feel like I fell off the horse this month, but you know what? It doesn't matter, because I'm gonna get back up and I'm going to achieve all my purposes and goals for myself this year, and if I can do it, then so can you, dammit.

To motivate and cheer myself up, this week I watched Indie Game: The Movie which is about what really goes behind the scenes and the struggles of making an indie video game all by yourself - which is coincidentally my year-long dream project for this year, so you biggie ;)


I made this poster for myself, mainly, but I think you should have it too, you can download it, and print it and put it some place you can see it every day - like your phone, or your diary (just don't re-upload/edit this anywhere else taking credit for my work, please)

I also wanted to share a link to the original song - listen here - and to a song from Indie Game: The Movie which I makes me feel like I can do anything every time I hear it - Maybe You'll Get Some, Maybe You Won't by Jim Guthrie


See You Around!

— A.A