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Ichiko bento · いちこべんと

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday! Today I wanted to talk about a project that I've been working secretly on for a bit now. If you guys can remember this moodboard I showed you last time then now is the moment for me to finally introduce you guys to: Ichiko Bento!


Ichiko Bento is a subscription box of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese goodies delivered to your doorstep every month. This project containing many first experiences, also saw the incorporation of a streamlined Branding Questionnaire which I used as a way to help me really dig into her vision and what she wanted out of her brand and what her dream brand really looked like.

Of course, being asian-inspired, words like zen, tranquility, tradition, elegance and so on were a big part of her brand and what it should aspire to be like, as the bentos or boxes are a healthy mix of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and culture. With that in mind I decided on the code name Bento to work with and started to gather some visuals to pull for information.



MOODBOARD BY SIELETH | CREDITS: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9

Ichiko Bento is heavily inspired by asian culture, as it's products are a way of promoting said culture, it's trends, and brands, we relied on an aesthetic, and overall personality that was - hopefully - easily identifiable as such. We wanted it to evoke a certain feeling of calmness, tranquility and zen, with an equally delicate voice and tone in our color themes.



Something that I was really excited for in this project was getting to the naming of the actual project, because we'd been running under the code name Bento for so long that I think at some point we both lost track of when it became an essential part of the brand. It was also an opportunity to have tons of fun investigating Japanese names and coming up with something original and iconic.

Bento or べんとう in hiragana, are the typical boxes where Japanese store their lunches. Not only did they check the box symbolism, but they're also very representative of Japan.

Ichiko or いちこ in hiragana, roughly translates into first child, which I believe was representative of the care we were both treating this project with, since it was our first project for both my client, Joanna, and myself, we were equal parts excited but scared about it.

Therefore, Ichiko Bento or いちこべんとう are subscription boxes made with special care and love, the kind of special care and love one has for their first child because it's magical and especial. I know it's the king of cheesy cute names, but it holds a special place in my heart.





Last but definitely not least, I was in charge of designing the website, which has since* been modified to accomodate the brand's full launch, and will continue to change throughout the months to each new bento - the boxes - theme. See the rest of the site here:!



Currently I'm still working with Joanna side by side to help her finish the rest of her checklist design-wise so everything is ready for the prelaunch, and as to if she's happy with the results, here's an extract of the beautiful feedback email she sent the other day:


"From the initial brief/branding questionnaire, Alejandra was able to understand the brand and how I wanted it to be - more than just its looks but its values and meaning. She came up with a concept that was more than spot-on.

Alejandra is an excellent designer with a rare eye for beautiful design. Design that is thoughtful, thought out and delivered with care and attention to detail. It is rare to find a designer who immediately gets you and your idea, finding the deeper meaning and little details. [...] The care and attention to detail really shows in every single graphic."
- Joanna


Personally, I couldn't have wished for a better project to get myself started and for a better client, it's given me confidence and it's made me discover that really my favorite thing about working in design is making people happy and helping their visions come to life.

So that's all for me, I am so glad to finally be able to share it with you after all this time, now go visit the website and follow Ichiko Bento on social media to stay updated! Take care!


*This post was updated on 07.22.17 to reflect recent changes

See you around!

- A.A